Chung tay thực hiện chương trình Khám mắt cho học sinh tiểu học tại Bình Thuận

No one can deny the important role of eyes in daily life, especially for students. The time spent in school is a period when children have to interact a lot with books. The eyes work almost continuously every day. This is one of the main causes leading to the increase in school eye refractive errors. 

According to statistics from the Central Eye Hospital, there are currently about 3 million children nationwide with refractive eye defects. At least 3 out of every 10 students have eye refractive errors. After more than two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many changes in learning conditions, the rate of refractive errors in this age group is tending to increase, seriously threatening children's vision health. 

However, reality shows that not all children receive timely examination and treatment for eye problems. Many parents do not understand the consequences of this problem so they are still quite indifferent, while if left for a long time, it can cause amblyopia and seriously affect the child's eyesight in the future. In rural areas, when travel and medical examination conditions are limited and many families are in difficult circumstances and have to worry about eating every meal, taking their children for eye examinations and glasses is almost impossible. can.  

Sympathizing with the difficulties and concerns of parents, and wishing to bring bright, healthy eyes to students, Thien Chi Community Support and Development Center and organized the Examination Program. Free eye care for elementary school students in Duc Linh and Tanh Linh districts. These are two mountainous districts in Binh Thuan province, people mainly live on agriculture, life is still very difficult and lacking. 

The program will take place from March to May 2023, implementing eye examinations for more than 20,000 students in these two districts. During the program, students will be screened by doctors and nurses to detect eye defects and receive an in-depth examination if they have eye defects. In particular, more than 200 glasses will be provided free of charge to disadvantaged children. The total estimated cost for the program is about 300 million VND. 

In order for this community program to bring good things to students, especially those in extremely difficult circumstances, Thien Chi Community Support and Development Center hopes that benefactors and Sponsors join hands to contribute and share. The contributions of benefactors are a great source of motivation to help us successfully implement this program as a meaningful gift for the children.  

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