Hỗ trợ y tế #11: Nguyễn Thị Rớt

Let's accompany and help Miss Rot - a woman whose life has gone through many difficulties.

Life has brought her too many burdens, from raising four children to facing cancer. Her husband divorced, leaving her alone with a harsh life...

The image of Ms. Rot, a diligent mother, and her only son, Le Trung Nghiep, overcoming storms together, is a touching image. Not only did she have to face illness, Ms. Rot also struggled to make a living by cultivating 200 dragon fruit trees. That small amount doesn't seem to be able to improve the difficult situation, but it is also a part of her family's income. In addition, the whole family's income also depends on the son's fine arts production. However, those efforts were not enough to ensure a stable life for her and her family.

In August 2022, things got worse when Ms. Roi discovered she had ovarian cancer.

She had to undergo a series of radiation treatments, each time costing up to 15 million VND. Although she has overcome seven times of radiotherapy, Ms. Roi is facing a new challenge when she faces health and financial difficulties for the eighth time. To meet the cost of treatment and regular check-ups, she had to borrow 20 million VND with an interest rate of 1 million VND per month.

To date, Ms. Roi has had to undergo many radiation treatments to fight the devastating disease...

Those treatments are not only financially costly but also cause a lot of mental pressure.

Let's stand by Ms. Rot's side, help her overcome difficulties and worries so she can continue to fight with optimism and hope!

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