Hỗ trợ y tế #12: Dương Kiều Bích Ngọc

Let's help Ngoc fight the evil cancer together

Duong Kieu Bich Ngoc lives in Lap Son village, Tan Lap commune. I got married when I was only 20 years old and have 3 little angels.

However, the happiness was not complete. Although she had three very obedient children, Ngoc was a victim of domestic violence...

Unable to bear the constant beatings, Ngoc decided to divorce. With no job, no place to call home, I had to bring my three young children home to rely on the love of my biological mother.

One day, June 23, I had severe stomach pain and I had to go to the hospital...

The doctor diagnosed me with late-stage ovarian cancer and erectile dysfunction. That was like a thunderbolt that struck Ngoc's ears and caused an unending obsession for Ngoc

Without money, I cannot go to the hospital for treatment. More than 50 million VND has been lost in tests and treatments.

I long for help from compassionate hearts, to be able to hold on a little longer, to continue to love and protect my young seeds.

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