Hỗ trợ y tế #15: Dương Quang Thế

Mr. Duong Quang The - Together with God, please support Mr. The's family to overcome difficulties

Mr. Duong Quang The, born in 1973, is a strong and patient man living in a small village in Lap Son village, Tan Lap commune. The life of Mr. The and his family always faces difficulties and illness. His wife suffered from many diseases, including psoriasis, joint pain and cardiovascular problems. However, she still tries her best to sell fruit and make a living for her family."

In August, Mr. The had a serious traffic accident, resulting in a serious head injury. Even though he was injured, he still endured the pain to take care of his daughter, Ngoc, who was in the final stages of ovarian cancer. The girl is hospitalized in Saigon and her health condition is very serious. While taking care of his sick daughter in Ho Chi Minh City, the headache became unbearable. After examination, it was discovered that he had a meningioma. The doctor ordered him to have emergency surgery, but the family's financial situation was depleted after the surgeries to save his daughter's life.

Mr. Duong Quang The is not only a loving father but also a strong and patient man who faces all challenges of life. He is a shining example of family love and sacrifice, and his patience and strength deserve recognition and support in difficult times like these. With God's support, we can stand with Mr. The's family and support them in this difficult journey.

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