Hỗ trợ y tế #2: Trương Vĩnh Thành

Please help Mr. Truong Vinh Thanh get his life back.

Mr. Truong Vinh Thanh currently lives in village 1, Me Pu commune, Duc Linh district, Binh Thuan province. His family is facing difficulties with 5 members including grandfather, grandmother and 3 children going to school.

Mr. Thanh's health is not in good condition. He had end-stage kidney disease and fatty liver for 4 years and had symptoms of stomach tumors. Currently, he is being treated with dialysis at Duc Linh district hospital three times a week.

The family only has a little land to cultivate, the family's main source of labor is his wife. The wife is taking care of her husband and sending her three children to school. One of them is a student who has just completed his first year of college, one is about to enter 11th grade and one is about to enter 7th grade. This is not easy for the family when the husband is sick and the children need to be taken care of. Studying with the wife's only source of labor.

More than half a month ago, Mr. Thanh's blood potassium level increased, causing his blood pressure to drop and his heart rate to suddenly decrease. He had to be taken to the district hospital and could not undergo dialysis. Immediately after that, he was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital in City. Ho Chi Minh for emergency surgery.

Currently, Mr. Thanh only stays at home to try to maintain his health and continue treatment. Meanwhile, the wife is taking care of her husband. We hope that philanthropists will support Mr. Thanh's family so they have more financial resources to continue treatment. This will also help her be more motivated to take care of her family.

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