Tương lai cho em #3: Nguyễn Minh Hoàng _ Hàm Thuận Nam, Bình Thuận

Hoang's life is not easy. The boy's father passed away early and his mother left and never returned, forcing the family to live at the eldest son's house. Hoang's grandfather suffered from heart valve disease, tumors in the roof of the Vong, joints and kidney stones, and encountered many difficulties in daily life. Although grandmother was old and had many illnesses, she still tried to overcome the pain to take care of her two grandchildren, and she went to the dragon fruit factory to earn money to support her family. Whenever my grandfather is healthy, he tries to follow his grandmother to help earn extra income.

Even though they live with their eldest son's family, they have to take care of their daily lives. The average monthly income is only 2,000,000 VND, not enough to meet basic needs. Hoang's sister is in 3rd grade and Hoang is about to enter 1st grade. Hoang's family is facing many difficulties and needs support from the community to overcome this difficult period.

To help Hoang and his family, Thien Chi Center supported him with monthly health insurance to go to the doctor and receive medicine. Currently, little Hoang needs support to continue his journey of knowledge as he prepares to enter first grade.

I currently need everyone's help to continue on my educational path to have a brighter future.

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