Tương lai cho em #8: Võ Đoàn Yến Như

Thien Chi really wants to share about the interesting case of Vo Doan Yen Nhu's family. Thien Chi hopes that this letter will create everyone's interest and support to help little Vo Doan Yen Nhu receive a scholarship to have a better future.

Baby Nhu's family has 4 people, baby Nhu lives with her mother and brother Chieu (currently Nhu's stepfather) and a younger brother, currently living in Nam Tan neighborhood, Thuan Nam town. The baby seems to be in 4th grade at Thuan Nam 1 Primary School.

Because Ms. Nga's husband's family (Nhu's mother) was also in difficulty, Nhu's family asked for a small 15m2 room on the porch of her mother-in-law's house to stay temporarily. The room has a cement floor, corrugated iron walls, no furniture, only a small mattress to sleep on. The family has 120 dragon fruit pillars. Nhu's mother takes care of dragon fruit and works as a hired laborer to earn income to take care of her family and her children's schooling.

8 years ago, Mr. Chieu (Nhu's father) had a traffic accident coming home from work. Having to go to the hospital for treatment, Chiong's medicine cost 400 million. The family had to borrow from relatives and another 50 million from the Bank. Mr. Chieu's parents' family is also very difficult. Chieu's father has end-stage cancer, Chieu's mother has an intervertebral disc. Therefore, there is not much support for Mr. Chieu's family. Currently, Chieu's left arm is paralyzed and his right leg is weak, so he can't do anything. Just stay at home and do light housework.

Faced with this difficult situation, we hope to receive support from sponsors to help the family overcome difficulties and ensure Yen Nhu has the conditions to continue studying by providing scholarships for her.



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