Tương lai cho em #4: Lương Thanh Thuý

Thien Chi really wants to share about the interesting case of the family of Mr. Luong Thanh Binh, an extremely strong-willed man in Dan Hiep village, Ham Kiem, Ham Thuan Nam, Binh Thuan. Thien Chi hopes that this letter will create everyone's interest and support to help little Luong Thanh Thuy, 2015, Mr. Binh's child, receive a scholarship to have a better future.

Mr. Binh's family previously lived a happy life, but unfortunately, a traffic accident took his wife's life, leaving father and son to rely on each other. Currently, father and son live in their grandparents' house and their daily life is full of difficulties. Mr. Binh had to sell lottery tickets to make a living for his children, but the injury from the accident prevented him from doing business regularly.

Even though he has gone through a lot of pain and trauma, Mr. Binh always keeps a smile on his face and holds out hope that the future will bring better things to his small family. He always encouraged his daughter, "You must try, try every day" - these words contain the infinite love and hope of a parent.

Thien Chi hopes to receive support from everyone to help little Thuy have the opportunity to continue learning and developing. Baby Thuy is a talented girl and has a desire to learn. Although life couldn't get easier, we believe that with everyone's help, little Thuy will be able to rise up and realize her dream.

Each scholarship is a seed for the future!

Đóng góp