Bảo vệ chăm sóc sức khỏe: Trao quyền cho cuộc sống, thay đổi tương lai

Why is health insurance important for the poor?

“If I have health insurance, I can save 80% of my hospital bills, and then my children will have enough food for their meals,” shares Ms. Thuy, a mother of two children. Ms.

Thuy is living in poor conditions, her husband used to be the main breadwinner, but his severe kidney disease has left him unable to work regularly, has no health insurance and not enough money for treatment. They

lived in a shabby house built of leaves and plastic sheets, and the burden of life clearly appeared on the thin face of the mother with two young and needy children.

Ms. Thuy suffers from many illnesses, and every time the weather changes, she has to be treated at the hospital. Unfortunately, due to her poverty and lack of health insurance, she hesitates to go to the doctor . , chose to suffer alone.

Fortunately, Thien Chi knew about Ms. Thuy's situation and provided her with health insurance. This insurance allowed her to have monthly health checks and save 80%. Hospital expenses. Now she is truly happy because her health has improved, allowing her to work and provide for her children.

If I had health insurance, I could save 80% of my hospital bills, and then my children would have enough food for their meals.

The meaning of health insurance may not be a major concern for people living in poverty, as their priorities often revolve around meeting basic needs such as food and education for their children. and other essential expenses. However, when they suffer from illness or medical problems, the financial burden of healthcare costs becomes overwhelming. Without health insurance, they must cover all medical care costs themselves, often having to borrow at high interest rates. As a result, as their health improves, they may lose assets due to lack of health insurance protection.

Poor people often face many difficulties in accessing medical care services due to financial constraints. Supporting health insurance for the poor is important because it provides them with financial protection, ensuring they can receive the medical care they need without incurring high out-of-pocket costs. It helps close gaps in access to medical care and promotes equity by ensuring that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, has an equal opportunity to receive care quality healthcare. In addition, health insurance provides prevention and early intervention services, promoting overall health and development for poor populations.

How does health insurance work?

Health insurance provides financial protection by covering a portion of medical costs (usually around 80%), ensuring that individuals and families have access to necessary medical care. without incurring a significant financial burden. It promotes availability, timely treatment and better health outcomes for the insured.

Thousands of Health Insurance cards have been provided during Thien Chi's operation, and there are many people looking for the opportunity to own health insurance cards. Considering the importance of health insurance for vulnerable communities, we are looking for 300 health insurance cards for the poor. Your small actions right now can bring a better life to a family.

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