Hỗ trợ y tế #3: Mai Bá Linh

Help Mai Ba Linh overcome kidney disease

Mai Ba Linh's family, in village 8 - Me Pu - Duc Linh - Binh Thuan, is facing a very difficult economic situation. They belong to poor households in the locality. Their temporary house has walls made of boards and a tiled roof that is damaged and leaks water when it rains. The family is willing to borrow capital to buy bagasse to raise 2 female pigs. The family has no farmland, only 3 acres of garden to live on and grow rubber, bamboo, and cajuput trees, but the land is very poor and the place is quite dry, so they have no income.

His family has 5 members (2 couples, 2 children and an old father). Linh suffered from terminal kidney failure and has been on dialysis for the past 5 years. His health is very poor. He undergoes dialysis every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Duc Linh hospital. When she was well, she came herself, but when he was tired, his wife had to drive him. As I write, Linh receives a social allowance of 540,000 VND/month, and his 82-year-old father, who is often sick, receives an allowance of 360,000 VND/month. From time to time, his brothers helped him with money. Each wife hires a job doing whatever they want. When the season comes, they harvest rice and cashew nuts, raise two female pigs that her husband's sister lent them, receive clothes to sew, and take the children to school. Family income is 717,000 VND/month.
Currently, my two children are going to school (Thien is about to enter 6th grade and Quoc Thai is in 4th grade). For his family, paying for Linh's illness, paying for family life and paying for his children's education is very difficult, so Linh has no money other than daily meals to feed his body. , so his health is very poor. I hope that benefactors will support Linh's dialysis costs and help him buy food to help him have more motivation and health to live happily in the coming days.




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