Hỗ trợ y tế #5: Lê Văn Cẩm

Accompanying Mr. Le Van Cam - Please share love and support the fight against nasopharyngeal cancer.

Mr. Cam's family, a poor family in Ham Minh commune, is facing great difficulties in daily life. They have no land to grow crops, and their income comes mainly from hired labor. I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Cam and hear about his battle against nasopharyngeal cancer.

Mr. Cam has just completed his fourth treatment in Saigon. Each treatment requires a large cost, about more than 3 million VND, including medicine costs and travel and accommodation costs for two days. He said this time, he was able to talk after a long time of not being able to communicate with others. He was filled with emotion as he spoke, perhaps due to a feeling of extreme helplessness in the face of poverty and illness that was imposed on him.

I asked Mr. Cam how to pay for treatment in such a difficult family situation. He said he had to borrow money from relatives, and when not in the hospital, his wife had to work. Even the young son had to drop out of school to help his mother as a laborer, even though he was still very young (born in 2009). 

More notably, Mr. Cam's situation is even more difficult when his eldest daughter, Nhu Oanh, also has a serious neck disease due to poverty and she cannot afford treatment. The growing tumor is affecting my health and development. Even though she is 23 years old, she is small and not developing normally. My family said I can only take traditional medicines, and every 15 days I need about 1 million VND to buy medicine.

We hope that with the generosity of our sponsors, we can ease his burden, help family members have enough medical expenses and a life they deserve. better.

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