Hỗ trợ y tế #7: Ngô Văn Thoả

Bring hope and help to Mr. Ngo Van Thoa and his wife

Mr. Ngo Van Thoa, a 76-year-old man, and his wife have endured unimaginable hardships throughout their lives. The loss of one son and the absence of another leave them facing pain and loneliness. Recently, a tragedy struck again when Mr. Tho was seriously injured in his leg and had to have immediate surgery. Neighbors generously lent them money to pay for the surgery, but the debt remained a heavy burden for the couple.

Furthermore, Mr. Thoa's wife also faced many health conditions, including high blood pressure and diabetes, making caring for her husband extremely difficult. Their daily life is a constant struggle, with no steady source of income to rely on. They can only manage the less than US$1 per day that Tho's wife earns from collecting and selling vegetables.

Without proper financial support, their situation remains very difficult. Mr. Tho's leg wound was left untreated, leaving him in constant pain and at risk of more serious complications. The burden of debt from the surgery weighed heavily on their financial situation. Furthermore, Tho's wife continues to fight her health condition without the necessary resources for treatment and management.

We can change the lives of Ngo Van Thoa and his wife. By standing with them as a community, we can give them the hope, love and support they need. With your generous donation, we can help ease their financial burden, ensure Mr. Tho receives proper medical care, and help his wife receive appropriate treatment for her health condition. grandma.

The money raised will be used to cover outstanding medical expenses, including the cost of follow-up care, medication and necessary treatments for his wife. Additionally, we aim to provide them with a stable source of income, helping them break out of the cycle of poverty and improve their overall quality of life.

Your support can make a significant impact on their journey. Let's stand together, lend a helping hand, and give Mr. Ngo Van Tho and his wife the love, care, and resources they deserve. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will bring them closer to a brighter future and remind them that they are not alone in their struggle.

Please join us in our campaign to improve the lives of Mr. Ngo Van Tho and his wife. Together, we can provide hope, relief, and opportunities for a better life.

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