Hỗ trợ y tế #8: Đỗ Quang Trung

Mr. Trung had previously had a traffic accident, so his health was weak, but to earn money to help his mother, he worked as a worker at a dragon fruit farm. Unfortunately, when returning from work, he had a traffic accident.

He was taken to Binh Thuan Provincial Hospital, then transferred to Cho Ray Hospital. Because his family has a poverty certificate, all hospital expenses are free, however, the expenses at the provincial hospital and the car cost to take Mr. Trung to Cho Ray Hospital are very difficult for him. with his family when they were almost exhausted financially.

Currently, Mr. Trung is in a coma and has been diagnosed with severe brain damage due to trauma. Thank you to the donors who helped Mr. Trung have money to deal with the initial cost of hospitalization and care expenses.

After additional costs are incurred, Thien Chi Community Support and Development Center will update further because the situation is very urgent.

According to experts, severe brain damage damages brain tissue, causing swelling, inflammation, brain bleeding and compression of brain blood vessels. When blood cannot reach all brain cells, some areas will experience cerebral ischemia. If cerebral ischemia lasts too long, brain tissue will be irreversibly necrotic.

We hope that benefactors will unanimously contribute to help Mr. Trung.

All donations will be transferred directly by Give.Asia to Thien Chi Community Support and Development Center to support Mr. Trung.

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