Hỗ trợ y tế #9: Phạm Thị Mai

"Helping others is also helping ourselves, because the good we give will come back to us."

Ms. Pham Thi Mai, born in 1993, lives in Nam Chinh commune, Duc Linh district, Binh Thuan province, is married to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lam, born in 1989. This couple has a son in first grade.

Previously, she worked as a worker far from home, and he worked hard at a small men's barber shop located in an old room he rented in a small neighborhood. Both siblings do not have any assets, the house and land were built with the help of the older sister. Life could have been peaceful, with enough food for the family, and truly happy if that dark day had not happened. In October 2022, bad news fell on their family. Her health became poor and she had to see a doctor, who later diagnosed her with end-stage kidney failure. She said: "Oh, I really don't want to live. My mood became more anxious and sad. But after a while, the desire to live rose strongly in me again." They borrowed 50 million VND to do the first stage of kidney transplant therapy and do not have health insurance.

Now, her health is also weak, and it is difficult for her whole body to get a vein to filter her blood. Sometimes the doctor took it from the chest, sometimes from the thigh, now the doctor placed the machine on the forearm. If you touch it with your hand, you will hear the machine humming, it's really painful. 

Every other day, he wakes up at 5 a.m. to take his wife for dialysis at a hospital near his home. Since she got sick, my sleep has been restless. Every time I hear my wife say it's hard to breathe, I keep tossing and turning and can't go back to sleep. Since his wife's illness, he has been running around taking care of his wife, his young child, and working as a men's hairdresser. But the income from it is quite unstable, only 4 million VND/month. This is the family's current main source of income. His eyes were extremely sad and red when talking about his situation. As for herself, she really wanted to live. She wished to have more time in this world to take care of her young child and be with her husband.

Every time you go for dialysis, in addition to health insurance, your family has to pay many other expenses. Dialysis medicine tube costs 220,000 VND/tube. On average, 15 tubes are used each month. Kidney dialysis unit costs 420,000 VND/piece. On average, 4 filters are used each month. Every month, the family has to pay this amount of 4,980,000 VND. This cost exceeds the family's ability to pay.

Her family, like us, hopes that sponsors near and far will unite to help Ms. Mai so that she can prolong her life and live healthily with her small family with the required amount within 1 year is 60,000,000 VND. We are so grateful!

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