Tương lai cho em #2: Yến Nhi _ Lạc Tánh, Tánh Linh, Bình Thuận

The life of Yen Nhi's family, in a small house in Tan Thanh neighborhood, Lac Tanh town , is facing many difficulties after the sudden death of her father. Nhi is only 15 years old this year but her family is facing many difficulties ahead.

Previously, the family's life seemed peaceful when she had a younger brother, bringing joy to the family. However, everything changed after his father's heartbreaking death in a work accident. Not only did I lose my beloved father, but my family is facing many difficulties ahead. With only 3 acres of cashew fields and her mother's hired job, there was not enough money to support the family.

The older sister, Bien Thuy, is currently in 11th grade. Yen Nhi, the second child, has entered 9th grade. Yen Vy, the third daughter, is in 6th grade. And Thao Ly has just entered 1st grade and is the youngest. only 2 years old. The family is facing difficulties following the sudden death of their father.

Yen Nhi's mother said: "I don't know how to have enough money for my children to study and to buy medicine for them when they are sick. Yen Nhi is a good daughter and studies well. Both sisters Yen Nhi and Yen Vy worked collecting rubber latex during the holidays to help her mother earn an extra 20,000-50,000 VND/day to cover daily life."

Faced with this difficult situation, we hope to receive support from sponsors to help the family overcome difficulties and ensure Yen Nhi has the conditions to continue studying by providing scholarships for her.

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