Tương lai cho em #7: Huỳnh Văn Triệu

Huynh Van Trieu - Grade 4, Tanh Linh district - Applying for scholarship

Huynh Van Trieu, living in Tanh Linh district, is currently studying in grade 4. He has cerebral palsy and mild down syndrome, which affects limb movement and slow language. In a family struggling with poverty, the pandemic forced Trieu's parents to work far away, leaving him and his younger sister in the care of his grandmother. Occasionally they visit and send money to raise their two children. In addition, the grandmother is also taking care of her stepdaughter, who has osteoporosis and has broken her bones 32 times. Despite these challenges, Trieu still tries her best to study and catch up with her classmates, of course a little slower.

The family's income depends on the grandmother who works as a daily wage earner, earning 6.50 USD/day but is very unstable. This income is not enough to cover living and education expenses for children. The hope now is that Thieu can apply for a scholarship to ease the burden on his grandmother.

With a donation of 13 USD per month, you can give him a scholarship and give him a chance to have a normal life.

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