About Thien Chi Center for Community Support and Development

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Thien Chi (ie “ Good Will ”) is a Vietnamese non-profit non-governmental organization for training and social development. It was established in 2004 and was registered by VUSTA (Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technology Association) in 2005. Today, Thien Chi operates in 3 districts; Duc Linh , Tanh Linh and Ham Thuan Nam , in the Binh Thuan province in southern Vietnam .

While Vietnam has made great progress to reduce poverty there is still about 5% of the population in our 3 districts of Binh Thuan province (according to 2016 Government survey statistics) who live in extreme poverty. Thanks to Thien Chi projetcs, extreme poverty has been reduced by 75%. We have focused on basic needs such as microcredit, education (provide scholarships and many activities in schools), women rights, health and employment creation to improve the lives of poor people in these locations.

Other Campaigns

Activity reports

Activity reports

Thien Chi Center supports capital for Anh Khoa's family to start a business in the model of growing Bamboo and utilizing agricultural by-products

The support provided by the Thiên Chí Center for Anh Khoa's family to start their venture in bamboo cultivation and utilizing agricultural by-products as fertilizer is a remarkable example of community assistance and sustainable development encouragement.

Thien Chi combined with Ham Thuan Nam District Agricultural Technical and Service Center to test the French pigeon farming model

The collaboration between the Thien Chi Center and the Agricultural Technical and Service Center of Ham Thuan Nam District in testing the French pigeon farming model has yielded positive results as the pigeons have started breeding. This increases expectations for the local agricultural sector's development.

Thien Chi Center creates jobs for 20 people from rattan processing

In the first quarter of 2024, Thien Chi Center received and completed an important order for processing rattan products. This not only benefits the Center but also opens up job opportunities for the community. With this order, the Center has created jobs for 20 people, helping them have a stable income from 3 to 3.5 million VND per month.

Latest News from the Microloan program (1-3/2024)

Economic Development Support Program Update (1-3/2024): Expanded with 41 new households, 52 graduated due to economic progress. Currently, 2,915 households participate. Loans of 100-500US$ boosted income by 15% in 3 months, despite challenges like drought and inflation, but we are experiencing from limited funds.

The training session on "happy families" of Thien Chi Center

The training session on "happy families" of Thien Chi Center and Ham Thanh Commune Women's Union attracted the participation of 54 brothers and sisters. During the training session, the women discussed together the meaning of a happy family.