About Thien Chi Center for Community Support and Development

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Thien Chi (ie “ Good Will ”) is a Vietnamese non-profit non-governmental organization for training and social development. It was established in 2004 and was registered by VUSTA (Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technology Association) in 2005. Today, Thien Chi operates in 3 districts; Duc Linh , Tanh Linh and Ham Thuan Nam , in the Binh Thuan province in southern Vietnam .

While Vietnam has made great progress to reduce poverty there is still about 5% of the population in our 3 districts of Binh Thuan province (according to 2016 Government survey statistics) who live in extreme poverty. Thanks to Thien Chi projetcs, extreme poverty has been reduced by 75%. We have focused on basic needs such as microcredit, education (provide scholarships and many activities in schools), women rights, health and employment creation to improve the lives of poor people in these locations.

Other Campaigns

Livelihood support for disadvantaged households

The Thien Chi Center, in coordination with local authorities and Prodental Insurance and Saigon Children Charity, organized the project "Livelihood support for disadvantaged households" to help revive the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic.

An important meeting with the local authorities

On Friday, November 10th, we had our yearly meeting with the local authorities. This was a critical moment for us as it marked the end of a 5-year plan built together, and, we hoped, a renewal of our partnership for the next 5 years.

Environment and fruit trees

What could be better than having fruits to eat, a shade to rest, and a source of income all at once

Education is the key to driving development within a community

The scholarships represent an amazing opportunity for the children. Firstly, it gives them a lot of motivation to do well in class. Secondly, going to school keeps them away from home, where they would stay all day without the scholarships. They can develop a lot better, learn to live in society but also open up their perspectives. They can dream of a better future.

Community's health programs

Health issues are one of the main causes of poverty, and many poor families cannot afford a medical exam. They only go to the hospital when their diseases are serious and treatment costs are very high. They have to borrow money from relatives, or from money lenders with high interest rates. The Thien Chi programs for communities health aim to spread awareness about a variety of health subjects, such as domestic violence, common diseases or environmental protection. They consist of trainings delivered by professors in the health field.

Employment Creation

To give more employment opportunities for those living in extreme poverty in the Binh Thuan province, Thien Chi has successfully introduced and implemented local workshops. They provide ongoing, sustainable employment and offer specialized skills to local workers.